Process Support with Structuring Elements

We start from where you are at the moment or where your team is at the moment.

My questions and impulses invite you to playfully increase your wealth of experience. Consequently, you gently approach emerging insights.

Being confident that a step of development is possible from every point, I take every small statement seriously. I acknowledge what is being raised. I encourage you to continue exploring your intuitive knowledge until clarity arises in the form of a linguistic figure.

Team members enrich each other by separating communication roles (external dialog) and by allowing everyone to pause for the in-depth individual work (inner dialog).

The topic is permeated in its complexity. It can form tangible starting points.

It’s a collaborative search process that I follow closely and which I gently guide in order to get you on your trail. At the same time, we are looking for breakpoints from where it could go further. Out of the conversational situation, I give content-related impulses and I pose contextual questions. In this way, we succeed in making your experience fruitful.


  • Person-centered conversation
  • Focusing
  • Thinking at the Edge
  • Dynamic Facilitation
  • Elements of Theory U
  • research methods of social science