What Moves Me

The answer to the question of what frames me and my life is:

nature, enthusiasm, shaping

Nature like

natural and close to nature
hiking and endurance sports outdoors
natural sciences
nature is processual: crystal growth, orogenesis, shaping by erosion …
life is processual: evolution, personal development, shaping something together …
responsibility for the environment and for society

Enthusiasm like

my enthusiasm is contagious
my original curiosity opens horizons
set out to break new ground or to go on a treasure hunt
playful use of the language
mental activity: thinking with the implicit
set theory and colorful building blocks inspire

Shaping like

let words sound: writing articles
playing French horn (formerly) and guitar (currently)
your own rhythm: 5Rhythms and marathon running
dissonances increase the ingenuity
disentangle balls of wool and join the loose ends into a tangible structure
patterns: encouraging to find them and to fertilize with them