Initiating and introducing innovations, which means alteration, is often a hurdle race. Comelli1 (2006) summarizes the hurdles in two questions:     

  1. Which change signals should or must be received by the organization (in time, in order not to be overrun and only able to adapt)     
  2. How do you operate the necessary adaptation or change processes?

In this series, I will explore ways to find answers to the two questions. The focus of my analysis is on the innovating person, but in his area of conflict with the organization. I span from the innovation impulse, over the individual creativity process and the common innovation in the team to the organizational factors like culture and structure. Innovation always involve the whole company, so the quality of cross-functional cooperation also plays a role, especially for asserting and implementing innovations.

1Comelli, G. (2006). Organisationsgestaltung- und Entwicklung. Kurs 77367-9-01-S1. Hagen: FernUniversität.

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